Running Made Pretty

IMG_7567My Susie side struck at the race expo last month. While admiring the newest colors and styles of headbands with my best friend and our moms, my alter ego took over.  The headbands retail for $15 and I could have easily found three or four to add to my collection. (I already own five) But why buy what you can make. This was fueled on when my best friend’s mom noticed that the headbands were made of two different types of ribbon and elastic. It sounded too easy to be true. So why was the booth packed with runners? People could be making their own. It’s probably because of the number one excuse I hear: I don’t have time. I do understand how this can be the case, but this one was worth the five minutes it took to assemble and the $13.50 in savings. Even better is that they stay in place while you run.



16″ of sparkle ribbon (or any decorative ribbon)

16″ of velvet ribbon (found in the cut-by-the-yard section of the craft store)

7″ of 1/4″ elastic


1. Pin the wrong sides of the ribbons together leaving about the last two inches free. Fold under about one inch of the right sides of the ribbons.

IMG_75632. Insert the elastic about an inch in.

3. Sew across this seem.

IMG_75664. Turn and sew on the outer most edge of the ribbons until you get to the last inch at the bottom.

5. Fold in the right sides of the ribbon as before and insert the elastic. Sew this edge.

6. Finish sewing up the side. I did reinforce the elastic ends with an additional seem.


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