Give Thanks

When my daughter was two I wanted a way to help her understand Thanksgiving. Teaching the concept of giving thanks and recognizing how much we have to be thankful for is more then a one day event. Really it needs to be included in our daily lives. But for now we focus on it for the month, For the past two years each November our family has made a thankful tree. It’s becoming a family tradition that I hope we continue for years to come.

IMG_5149 IMG_5150

This year our new place doesn’t have the wall space or even a flat door for the same full blown tree we’ve done in the past. This meant coming up with another way to continue our tradition. While searching Pinterest for autumn wreath ideas I came across one that used clothes pins clipped to a wire floral wreath and instantly knew what I wanted to do.



4 paint colors

48 clothes pins

12″ wreath circle


hot glue gun

chalkboard or black paint

wooden plaque



white paint pen


Wreath directions

I started by painting the circle and all the clothes pins, which got a coat on both sides.

When they were dry the ribbon was attached with the glue gun first and the the clothes pins were also glued on.

I had a leftover sunflower, so I attached it on top of the ribbon.


For the plaque:

I started by painting the plaque black (I had stray chalkboard paint), the holes were drilled, and  the yarn attached.

Using a print out , I traced over the letters with a pencil. This left an impression. Now I could use my paint pen to trace the letters on the plaque.



Project Inspiration:

Thankful Tree

Clothes Pin Wreath


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