Frozen Family


When I was growing up each year by September my mom would take us to the fabric store to look at patterns and encourage us to narrow down our options before October came around. We always had homemade Halloween costumes. And I’ll admit there were times, as I got older, that I would have loved to have just bought something from a store. Now, as a mother myself, I see exactly why we had homemade costumes. It’s so much more fun that way. For the past five years I’ve been making my oldest daughter’s costumes. Last year, I made a coordinating costume for her little sister. So when September rolled around this year I was really hoping my oldest was going to pick something fun and unique for me to make. Instead she wanted to be what every other 3- to 8-year-old girl wants to be this year: Elsa.

I started with Pinterest for ideas, which was full of them. I was surprised with how complex some of them were, and a little anxious, given that I’m not that confident in my sewing skills. Straight lines and a simple patterns are about it. Next I headed to the good old fabric store, where I found a pattern I thought I could handle. But when I started adding up the cost of the fabric, notions and pattern it started to get a little scary. The other benefit to homemade costumes is the lower cost. Needing more ideas I decided to see what the commercially made costumes looked like. And again I found a wide range. But one caught my eye on Amazon, and the price really grabbed my attention. This one cost less then the pattern at the fabric store. The one thing missing was Elsa’s cape. That I could easily fix with one yard of snowflake fabric, a crystal button and some elastic and we were in business.

IMG_6269 IMG_6273 IMG_6276

Knowing full well how many sisters are likely going to be dressed as Disney’s biggest stars, I decided that the baby didn’t have to be Anna, just because her sister wanted to be Elsa. My first idea for her was Minnie Mouse, but a part of me really wanted the two to coordinate. I know I won’t be able to work this out when they are older and it’s always so cute. On one particular trip to the grocery store, my youngest kept finding Olaf in various places as we shopped. She would scream his name each time.  It was then I decided that’s exactly what she was going to be for Halloween. After whipping up a quick pillow-case dress, I found the Olaf face on Etsy. Her whole costume cost a total of $8.00 and an hour of time.  (More on the pillow case dress in next month’s postings)


The girls costumes were done two weeks prior to Halloween and I felt like we were in great shape. My husband and I haven’t dressed up in years, so it didn’t really cross my mind to think about costumes for us, until this week. In the past I’ve never felt like I had the time with teaching full time and the kids. This year, there really was no excuse. I found a cute Anna shirt idea and declared I was going to dress up. To which my husband responded that he would be Kristoff. I found a quick and easy idea for that costume too, and we became the Frozen Family. Wonder how many others we’ll see out trick or treating.

IMG_6529 IMG_6528

Happy Halloween.

Inspiration taken from the following links:

Anna’s shirt

Kristoff costume

Olaf dress


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