“E” is for English Muffins


My daughter’s preschool focuses on one letter sound a week and at the end of the month they do a review. Parents volunteer to bring in snacks for that letter.  Last month there were apples, bananas and cookies. This month the students are reviewing the letters D, E, F, & G. By the time I saw the list the only letter left for snack was the letter E. At first I was thinking about deviled eggs, but wasn’t sure how much four year-olds would like that. Plus I don’t have one of those fancy carrying cases for transportation. After a quick Pinterest search I found a list of E snacks by  Zucchini Summer. When I saw English Muffins on the list I knew exactly what I wanted to do. It didn’t hurt that they were on sale this week too.


IMG_6427As I was getting all of the materials ready, my daughter comes running into the kitchen with an announcement that she knows exactly what we need to use on our English muffins to make them even better. I asked what this magical item was, but she couldn’t think of the name of it. So she started describing it to me. “It cuts things and its shaped like an E” she said. Yep she really is my daughter. At which point I held up the the E cookie cutter and asked if this was the item she meant. She giggled and said that must be why she couldn’t find it.


After splitting the muffins, we lined up the cookie cutter, then topped it with jelly. The next challenge was transporting them to school. I lined up the “E” English muffins in the box and realized I could fit five across, layered with wax paper the box held four layers. Since I only had to send in 18 total this worked perfectly.


Turned out to be a quick, easy and fun little activity for us to do together.


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