Sprucing up




Before picture of the bench


Why buy what you can make? So I love a good do-it-yourself project anyway, but sometimes I need to make an item because I can’t find what I want.  This is exactly why my entryway bench has never had a pad like it should have. But with a new house and new baby at the time it just kept getting pushed to a lower priority. After we moved in June I realized just how much abuse it had taken over the last four years.The more I looked at it the more I wanted to do something about it. The bench was going to need more then just a pad now, it was going to need a complete recover. At the beginning of September I decided it would be my goal for the month. It took me all month to assemble the parts and another week before I had time to get it completed. Not because it was completed, or involved, but because life got busy. In the end it took about an hour to complete and adds so much to our small space.

I started by removing the top of the bench, and cutting the foam to fit. Since my girls sit on it several times a day I didn’t want the pad to be sliding around. So I used a spray adhesive to hold the foam to the bench top.


Materials needed lined up pad and trimmed to size

After the pad was attached I add a thin layer of batting and used my staple gun to hold in in place. Now I was ready to line up, measure, and cut my fabric.

stapled the batting into place aliening fabric for measuring and cuttingOnce the fabric was cut I stapled the short sides first. Because the front edge had an extra piece I decided to fold over the ends to give it a clean finished look.

Next was the harder part, the corners. I played with a few options before stapling in place. I knew I wanted a very crisp, clean look, and I wasn’t getting that with the gathered option. I ended up treating it like a gift box and folded in the end to form a triangle and then stapled it in place.

IMG_6152 cornering

The last step was to reattach the top to the bench.



I love the way the bench turned out.



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