Fall Pumpkin Craft

This year our home has a fireplace with a mantle and I wanted a few new decorations for the season. As I got the materials for the project together my girls asked to help. I love doing crafts with them, but there are always those few that you want to look just right. Of course I didn’t say no to two sweet little helpers.  So this became a practice in letting go of perfection as we created a cute little decoration. This is a skill I continually work on,  as a Type A personality.  In the end I love the imperfections because it captures that fleeting moment of their childhood.  And one I can look back each year after year.

The final project is a combination of several things I saw on Pinterest.  My projects typically start out as one idea and evolve their way into the finished product. At the beginning I thought I’d just make pumpkins or maybe a few jack-0-lanterns, but as we got started I decided I wanted to add letters to each pumpkin and make it a Fall sign. Which meant either a trip to the store or use something from my craft stash. Wouldn’t you know I was short one letter. My solution was to trace and paint. I really didn’t want to go to the store. Either way you choose to finish, the pumpkins will look great.


Craft sticks

Glue Acrylic paint (2 shades of orange and 1 brown)

Paint brush

Brown felt


Wooden letters

Silk/artificial leaves



materials for Fall craft

IMG_6040 - CopyIMG_6041 - CopyIMG_6045 - CopyIMG_6050 - Copy

IMG_6052 - Copy

IMG_6059 IMG_6061IMG_6075

Final Product fall decoration


Inspiration for this project came from:






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