Lunch Ahoy

A conversation with a four year is never dull, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise hasn’t had one in a while. One minute you’re making a list of things you might find in the ocean followed directly by a lunch request. (See where this is going?) I had just such a chat one day on our way home. So of course the next breath was to  ask if her sandwich could look like a boat. “Sure why not”, I responded.  She usually just deconstructs the sandwich anyway. But I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Later that week she decided her plate also need to be blue, because the water is blue and a boat should be on the water. More then a month later and it’s still almost a daily request.
Here are a few of the ideas I’ve come up with. All use a few toothpicks, brick cheese cut into chunks, lunch meat and a tortilla. She gets a kick out of what part the fruit will play each day.


This one we call the pontoon. The strawberries on the side are representing waves.IMG_5793

 This one is the submarine. I used a small cookie cutter to punch out the windows, and stacked cheese inside to help it stand up.

This one is the raft. I used three toothpicks to hold the sides together and then just filled it with meat and cheese. We decided the oranges were fish.


This is my most elaborate boat to date. The sail is attached to a bendable straw which is topped with cheese and raspberries to help old it in place.


Who knew all the different type of boats you can make with a tortilla.  Maybe next month we’ll start on animals.


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